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My Lame-o LJ
Man, my LJ is terribly dull. I need to liven it up, huh. I suppose I ought to make it snazzy and stuff.

Who is even reading this? 




Just kiddin'. This feels like I'm just writing nothing to nobody. Maybe if I were cool and interesting, people would flock here in droves and read it, interested in every last detail of my (onlineofcourse) life.

Mmmm. Maybe being just an obscure journal-ist (notreally) is the best after all? I always wonder about people who attain huge e-fame. How do they feel? I can't imagine, you know? It must be so weird to be famous on this big, bad intranets.

I think I might start a separate journal in which I review manga. After all, about 99.9999999999999999% of my hard-earned (loljkimjobless) money goes into my expensive hobby(addictionlol). I think it'd be awesome. But who would read it? Ghosts? I may never know whose wandering eyes peep into my (veryboring) journal, but whoever you are, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS I'M TERRIBLY BORING THERE IS NOTHING HERE AUGHBLANFHSAHHH.

On another note, I'm doing great this semester (lollazy) in my classes. WooT!



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